LED Recessed Lighting Upgrades – $45!

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This is also a great opportunity to convert your regular 6” recessed lights to 4” or 5” fixtures. We will help you to decide which would look best for the setting of the rooms you’re upgrading.

*Please take note that the offer for upgrades is limited to two per person.

Improve the Lighting in Your Home

Upgrading your home with LED recessed lights will allow you to save money upfront and down the line as your power bill decreases. Whether you’re looking to install recessed lights to showcase elegance or enhance the illumination for elderly residents, we can help you. The electricians at Gil’s Electric will come by your property to do an evaluation. Once a plan has been drawn up for each room, our specialists will get right to work.

To find out more about recessed lighting, give Gil’s Electric a call today!