Recessed Lighting Installation – $65

Recessed lighting is commonly used for revamping rooms with poor or old-fashioned lighting. It can be used in conjunction with dimmers or can place emphasis on artwork and other décor in your home or business. They are commonly installed in homes of all sizes, from studio-style condos to five bedroom homes or bigger.

Recessed lights can be strategically placed in your kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms or even the patio that overlooks your swimming pool. Today, you can schedule to have recessed lighting installed in your property for just $65.

What You Get for $65

If you hire Gil’s Electric for recessed lighting installation, you’ll be entitled to get new recessed lights installed in your home for $65 a piece. There is no additional charge for installation fees. This offer may end at any time, so take advantage of our great pricing. Please mention this ad when calling.